This article provides the basics on offers, what they are and how to create one, if your looking on how to optimise your offer to suit your specific referral situations please visit the Optimise your offers article.

An offers provides your customers and sales partners an incentive to shop more and refer more, so the key variables you need to set to entice your partners and customers are:

  1. a discount on purchases as an added benefit for offer holders, this can also replace any loyalty cards;

  2. a referral fee for the person who actually referred the purchaser and; and

  3. a reduced referral fee for those who are in the chain of referrals which lead to the sale, If there is more than one referral partner involved with a transaction. This fee is a percentage of the referral fee, of which reduces by this percentage on each additional referral partner that is in the referral chain (from buyer to seller).

These discount and referral variables can be set as a “percentage of sale” or as a “fixed amount” on each claim, what you use will depend on your business. If you have a wide range of products or services then a percentage could work better as you know you will only be giving away a set portion of your revenue.

On top of adding the key variables to the offer, you can add more information about your offer in the offer summary as well as upload documents and other collateral specific to the offer, the more information the better.

To understand how offer calculations work and what discounts and referral fee combinations suit your business, please navigate to an offer in your app and tap on the “i” button, this will take you to our offer visualiser where you can (If you have no offers yet, you will see the same “i” button in the create offer screen).

For a detailed review on offers and some recommendations, watch the below video tutorial.

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