Your new partners now have your offer, if this includes a discount then your partners are likely to pay through the app to access and automate that discount immediately, increasing your conversion rate within your now incentivised network.

Refrra Pay (located at the middle of the bottom menu of the app) is a seamless payment flow for your customers and the business alike

You can choose to either allow the purchaser scan you business qr code and complete the transaction on their device, or you can create a payment request and send it to the purchaser which allows the business to manage the payment amount.

Refrra Pay - QR Scan

This process is managed entirely on the purchasers device, all they need to do is to:

  • Scan your business qr code (you can find this in the "sell" tab

  • Enter the purchase price, date and a reference if required

  • Select payment method and confirm the charge

Then both the seller and the purchaser will receive a notification confirming the payment.

Refrra Pay - Send Payment Request

You as the business owner can create the purchase request by:

  • Navigating to the "sell" tab in the refrra pay module

  • Select your partner who you want to sent the purchase request to

  • Confirm the purchase details and send!

The selected partner will receive the payment request notification to their phone and can then pay through the refrra app, receive their discount and any referral partners will also receive their referral fee at the same time.


If you prefer to get paid in traditional methods or through an existing system you have that's fine also, that’s why we created “claims”, all the benefits of refrra, integrated into your way of doing things. This does create one more step which is the creation and approval of the claims separately to the purchase payment however its a very quick step for the additional business you will generate!

The main thing is the sale amount is correct and that you are comfortable with the process.

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