If a purchase is paid through the app by the purchaser then the referral payments and discount will be automatically distributed with no further effort from the business owner.

If a claim is created however for a purchase that was paid outside of refrra, you can schedule these claims to let your partners know when you plan to pay them out. Then in one go you can select all the claims you wish to payout and pay them all in one smooth process, without pulling out the calculator!

Follow the below for a step by step:

  1. tap on the big dollar sign in the middle of the bottom of your home screen

  2. tap on the "Payout" tab on the top right of the screen

  3. select the business you want to manage

  4. select the claims you want to payout

  5. select the payment method or add a new one

  6. tap on "Pay Now" in the alert that comes up

  7. all going well you should receive a success message!

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