Refrra has been built to to work for any business structure and franchises are not excluded from this at all.

We have built in the functionality that allows:

  • A franchisor to connect and manage manage your franchisees

  • A franchisor to sync and maintain the one brand across all franchisee business profiles

  • A franchisor to automatically share selected offers created by the franchisor to all the franchisees

  • A franchisee to use their own business bank account to receive payment on the franchisors offers

Invite your franchisees

  1. navigate to your business profile

  2. tap the top right menu button (three dots)

  3. tap on "franchise management"

  4. tap on the "invite franchisees" button

  5. your franchisee can scan the qr code or you can share a link to all your franchisees in one go. This link is only usable for 7 days to protect you against potential spam.

Once the franchisee has scanned the qr code or tapped the shared link, all your they need to do is select the business they would like to integrate as a franchisee, and the setup is complete!

Sync and maintain the brand

Once this setup is complete, the business name and payment details will be still be managed by the franchisee however the franchisor business profile will then be synced across all the franchisee businesses, this includes profile details such as:

  • Business logo

  • Header background

  • Connections (all contact details)

  • About

  • Products and services

  • Documents and visuals

Automatically share offers to franchisees

You can turn on this automatic share when creating your offer or when editing your offer, simply scroll down to the bottom of the offer create/edit screen and find the setting as you can see below.

Get your franchisees paid

If a customer has an offer from the master franchisor (received from marketing or other means), the customer can use this offer with any one of your franchisees and the payment from the customer will be paid to the franchisees account, not to the franchisor.

We have done this as generally this is how most franchises seem to work, more control will be available in future releases which will allow the franchisor to manage everything in their franchisees refrra business account, or let the franchisee manage everything.. you can see an example below however this functionality is not yet incorporated and may differ from what is shown below once complete.

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