An offer is a combination of 2 things... a business profile and an offering from that business. The business profile is the simple part, people need to know who the business is, what they do and how to contact them, the offering on the other hand needs your full attention.

A business offering consists of two core variables, the discount and the referral fee. These variables provide a benefit for two of the three participants involved in a referral transaction, the purchaser and the referral partner... The other party involved is the business and well, they get the benefit of more businesses.

Both the discount and the referral fee can be either a fixed amount e.g. $10, or percentage based e.g. 10%. Refrra automates these calculations and can manage payment of all these amounts so don't stress!

To take things a little further, refrra offers the ability to reward multiple referral partners in a chain. This means that if an offer gets shared from the business to partner A, and then from partner A to partner B, and then partner B is the one who refers the buyer... both partner A and B can receive a referral payment.

We recommend watching the below video to give you the best chance at grasping the whole concept.

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