Onboarding new partners is as simple as sharing your offers, to learn the basics of how to share an offer please check out the Sharing Offers article.

Introducing our brand new b2b Ignite Program, we can help you to identify your professional network, get engagement with a formulated referral strategy as well as plan and manage ongoing network building events and crucial tasks to keep your network engaged and supporting your business for the long run.


1. Identify your professional network

This processes involves a review of your current professional network, segmenting the industries with the highest referral potential and then we will formulate a list of names, emails and numbers that we can easily approach to create your network foundation.

2. Design the perfect referral offer for this network

We do this via a call or meeting with yourself to work through a multitude of considerations surrounding your specific business and your specific professional network.

Generally we start with the one offer targeting your most productive professional relationships and move forward from there.

3. Plan a network ignition event

The general event program is already designed as you can see in item 4 so the main things we need to clarify is the location and the entertainment. We generally recommend holding these events somewhere with class and beverages on tap.

We have close relations with a few classy joints but also realise you may have some preferences in venue, we can generally organise this for you and it is then up to you if you want to offer a tab, platters or entertainment... If you have the budget then this can create a real buzz for the first event but not crucial.

4. Invite your professional network to the event

We can assist with this process if you don't have the time and the general flow looks something like the following:

  • Call to personally invite the identified professionals

  • Email the calendar invitation

  • Create a Facebook event to have a place for your connect to get exited

  • Follow-up call or text to confirm numbers for the event

5. Manage the event and implement ongoing critical tasks

Sticking to a program is essential but also is enjoying the company, the four "I's" listed below outline the method to our madness:

  • Introduce refrra, its purpose and your exclusive offer (The goal here is to get all participants to install the app and receive your offer).

  • Identify how each individual in your network can proactively support your business easily and effectively (The goal here is to educate all participants on how it all works).

  • Implement targets, calls to action, automated follow-ups and recurring events to keep the offer and your business top-of-mind within your network (The goal here is to implement a plan of attack that actually works).

  • Indulge... enjoy the event and make your business memorable!

Once we have refined your offering and ignited your foundation network, it's time to explore other networks, this is where refrra groups come into play but first things first!

To discuss the next steps and get the ball rolling please book a time that suits you by following the link below.

B2C - with shopfront tips

There are many ways to share offers to your customers, to keep it simple we can suggest adding your offer QR code (and link) to any communication that is viewed by your existing customers and can be easily implemented including:

  1. Physical (export and print your offer qr code)

    1. Brochures

    2. Price lists

    3. On desk display

    4. Stickers on walls

  2. Digital

    1. Email signatures (standard & marketing emails)

    2. Social platforms

If you are using any other communication methods with your existing customers, look at how you can use your offer qr code or url link as referral marketing works particularly well on your existing customers.

B2C - without shopfront tips

If you do not have a shop or office where your customers would visit then we can recommend implementing a full digital strategy however if you do provide any physical documentation to your customers, or if you have the opportunity to include your offer QR codes on your vehicles or anywhere else your customer would see it then the more potential for the customer to know about your referral offer the better.

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